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Career Coaching with Susan Edwards

Personalized 6-week career coaching program

to help you discover your true passion,

land a meaningful career faster,

and make more money!

Susan Edwards, PHR, SHRM-CP

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My name is Susan Edwards

I'm a Professional Career Coach who specializes in helping ambitious mid-career professionals get hired faster!!

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My Story

I’m an entrepreneur, podcaster, recruiter, and Certified Career Coach.

Just this year, after hustling on the side for 2+ years, I decided to trade in my corner office, errrr cubicle, and dissed my corporate executive position to pursue my higher calling and start utilizing my professional gifts full-time.


You see, back in 2020, I recognized how passionate I was about helping ambitious mid-career Hospitality professionals in the following ways:

1) uncover their true talents 

2) build the confidence needed to navigate the unfamiliar & stressful world of job searching

3) land meaningful careers faster


4) make more money!!

Plus, I've always known that I was meant to be serving…

Here's the deal. As someone who has worked in the Hospitality industry for over 25 years (15+ of those in HR), I get it. I understand those feelings of not being motivated to go to work, of feeling like there is more out there, like there HAS to be more.

And I understand the doubt and fear – the sleepless nights and struggle. I know what it’s like to be stuck. To compare yourself to others who are further along and feel like you aren’t measuring up.

But I’m Here To Tell You There’s A Better Way
— And I Want To Show You.


I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals, just like you, to help enable them to live the life they’ve always dreamed of, regardless of how long they've been stuck in their current role, how outdated they feel their skillset and resumes are, or how much work they think they need to do in order to reach their financial goals.

If it’s possible for me and my past clients, it’s possible for you, too. And that’s why I'm dedicated to helping you do the same.

I want to drastically condense your timeline to success. I want to take everything I’ve learned from working in Human Resources and as a professional Recruiter and give you the blueprint for success.




​I'm also driven to help small business owners!


That's right! 


I realize the obligations that small business owners face when trying to operate and stay compliant with the ever-changing world of employment laws as well as the struggles they face to find good talent. I am driven to supporting small businesses by helping solve their Human Resources needs!

Here are just a few items that I can help your small business with: 

1) Full Cycle Recruiting

2) Policy Administration

3) HR Forms & Templates

4) Job Descriptions

5) I9 Audits/Legal Compliance

6) HR Outsourcing

7) Handbook Review & Maintenance

What's Your True Purpose?

Don't Look Back! Your Future is Forward!

I had a great experience working with Susan. She is a wealth of knowledge and has great insight. Susan's advice helped me through a tough career decision and boosted my confidence in negotiating a final offer.



Susan Headshot 2019.jpeg

1. When I wake up in the morning, the very first thought on my mind is: Give me Jesus. And after that: Give me coffee!

2. I'm a true Southern girl, born and raised in Georgia, so if you need to find me on a Saturday in the Fall, I'm usually screaming at my tv "Go Dawgs"!!

3. In my world, date nights are a distant memory that I long for again one day, a clean house is totally overrated, and coffee (decaf after noon) is always a fabulous idea.

4. Fantasizing about spending a month in Turks & Caicos {where we honeymooned} is totally reasonable.

5. Finding the positive in all situations is a must.

6. But at the end of the day, glorifying God in all that I do is all that really matters.

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